Chase Your Passion

As we welcome 2015. We enter a new chapter in our lives. Many are setting resolutions to lose weight, graduate school and work on becoming better people.

When the new year comes around, everyone vows to make some changes in their lives. But the one thought that never crosses into people's mind is to stop chasing money.

Our generation is of instant gratification and materialism. When we turn on our TV’s all you see is money, in movies, music videos, and more. Especially on social media, such as Instagram, people post photos that have statements such as “Money over bitches” and other slogans .

How come we don't encourage each other to follow our dreams?

A lot of people are at dead-end jobs just for the simple fact of collecting a check. You should not have to settle for work just because it pays well.

Life is short. What about following after the desires that set your heart on fire? Indeed we all need money and that is what keeps the economy afloat. But what about making yourself happy.  

I noticed that most of the time people choose certain jobs because that is what their parents want or is the “practical” thing to do. They say have a plan B or get a job that pays well.

I do concur with that. But those outside opinions are irrelevant. Follow a path that you choose. Don't allow outside forces to dictate what you can and can’t do with your life.

One thing about me is that no matter how tough life gets I never give up. I believe that I did not choose my passions, they chose me. So for that I continue to lead down a path that will make me successful.