Girl Boss Monday: Miki Agrawal

Girl Boss Monday highlights women entrepreneur on a mission out to make a difference. Who do not follow, but instead lead the pack.

-Miki Agrawal, “Be one of one”

On Friday March 27th I left my home in Maryland to go on a three-day student leadership conference at James Madison University.

Then came saturday, we went to listen to our special guest speaker. I walked in and saw this beautiful petite women, wearing a burgundy sweater, black leggings and a black fedora.

She introduced herself and said her name is Miki Agrawal from Brooklyn, New York.

Miki Agrawal is a business woman and author of the best seller “Do Cool Shit”. In 2006 she opened up the restaurant “Wild” after she found out that she was lactose intolerant. What makes Wild such a huge success and divergent is that it serves organic gluten-free foods.

There are now 3 locations of Wild.

Did I forget to mention she has a twin sister who DJ’s ? named Radha Agrawal. Miki and Radha are also the founders of DayBreak. Which is a morning dance party, that helps you stay active, healthy all while having fun.

The thing that makes Miki so special and important to cover on Girl Boss Monday is that she is making a difference here in the U.S. but also around the world.

She is the creator of Thinx a women's underwear company. The leak and stain proof underwear protects women during their most vulnerable time of the month. When you buy 1 pair of Thinx underwear, 7 reusable pads are sent to a girl in Uganda with the help of the organization called Afripads.

I am honoured that i got to meet Ms.Agrawal this weekend. She is so inspiring and humble. Fun fact ! We also have a few things in common. We are both twins,we do music and are short yet powerful women who are out to make a name for ourselves.


What makes Miki a girl boss? She is not afraid of being herself. She doesn't allow society to box her in. She is someone we would all agree to say “colours outside the lines.”