5 Things Everyone Misses About The 90’s

1. Pokémon.

“I want to be the very best like no one ever was” Nostalgia hits me hard when I think back to my younger days, dropping my backpack on the floor and running to the TV. I could not risk me missing an episode of Pokémon. This was one of the most paramount shows for any 90’s kid. Ash,Misty and Brock helped the nerds and cool kids come together all in good fun.


2.  Music with substance.

I know its hard to imagine there was once a time when lyrics had real meaning in songs. Artist like Nirvana, Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey dominated the airwaves. Their music captured our emotions and turned them into soundtracks for our daily lives. They meant something to us. Nowadays all you hear on the radio are microwave pop songs and turn up trap music. There is nothing wrong with that. I'm not going to pretend like I do not  turn up to Migos during the weekend at a party. But I wish more artist would create songs that would live beyond the test of time. There should be a balance between party music and good music. Take Lauryn Hill for instance, she only released one album. That one simple album for the past 16 years has help change lives and just last week was inducted into The Library of Congress.


3.  Martin.

The 90’s are called the “Golden Era” for a reason. This was a time when positive black shows dominated television. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Sister Sister and Living Single just to name a few. But none could compare to Martin, with his unapologetic humor that pushed boundaries and crazy charisma. Nobody could touch Martin! Lasting 5 seasons this show was full of surprises. I get excited to watch reruns. I know that when this show comes on, I will laugh until my stomach hurts.   


4.  Good Disney Shows.

Gone are the days of That’s So Raven, Boy meets world and Kim Possible. I feel sad for the younger generation who did not get to experience the days when Disney had great quality shows. When you saw the commercial of the boy hitting a high jump in the air, you were well aware that a great movie was about to come on. It sucks to admit, but Disney has lost its touch it once had.   


5.  Bill Nye The Science Guy.

Everyone remembers that feeling they got when they entered their classroom and saw the teacher pull out the TV cart. You knew shit was about to get real. You did not ask questions, you simply looked at the kid next to you and smiled. Bill Nye was the man! He made learning fun and kids were actually excited to go to class.