Fuck Fear: How I Stepped Out Of My Comfort Zone


All my life I have been the adventurous kid looking for new things to explore. I remember when I was a little girl I would travel cross-country by train with my mom. There's something so thrilling about road trips and seeing new sights.

For as long as I can remember traveling alone to a new city was something I always wanted to do. But I'll be honest I was afraid. I mean yes there’s technology to aid me if I need directions. But it is not the same as going with another human. They are like a safety net for when you need help or if you get lonely.

But on June 20th I did something out of the norm. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I packed my bags, hopped on the megabus and went to the big apple with just 10$ to my name. This was 4 days shy of my birthday ( June 24th I’m still accepting gifts). I already knew I was not going to spend it with my family, but I did not care. This was something I planned to do and was not going to allow fear to stop me.

So I arrived in New York at around 7pm. At first I wanted to catch the subway. But thought about the walk to get to my hotel and decided to ride a cab instead.

My hotel was in the upper east village 5 minutes from Webster Hall. One thing I noticed when I walked in was that there was no elevator. I had to carry my ass heavy bags up the stairs. The place was very chill and the people were laid back.

When I got into my room. I almost passed out from laughter. It was the size of a prison cell or probably smaller.

And to top it off my room faced the main road. So regular sleep was out of the picture.

The reason I went to New York was because of the New Music Seminar. A 3 day seminar featuring top music executives like Def Jam and Atlantic records Ceo Steve Bartels and Craig Kallman.

I was very excited about the experience. These are people I look up too. For instance Just Blaze was there and as an up and coming musician, he is in my top 5 producers I hope to work with one day.

I did not know a single person. But I kept an open mind. Everyday I would arrive an hour early. Only having 10$ in my pocket I had to stretch it out. I lived off of McDonald's for 5 DAYS. Double cheese burgers EVERYDAY !

I got so used to being there. I started to know some of the people in the neighborhood . I’m glad I chose to go at it alone because I proved to myself that stepping out of my comfort zone is not so bad.

I met amazing people like Alessia Cara and many others. It is crazy to think that I almost did not want to go. It really opened my eyes and made me realize that being a musician was something I wanted to do and the sacrifices I make will eventually pay off.



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