Exclusive Q&A With Machine Gun Kelly

When I arrived at the Fillmore in Silver Spring I did not expect to see so many fans lined up so early. It was only 3pm and doors opened at 7pm. MGK's performance time was 9pm, yet the line wrapped around the block.

This was my first time at the Fillmore so I was very excited. When I got inside I saw Rookie practicing the drums to make sure everything was good. It was finally time to meet MGK I did not know what to expect. Based off of his earlier interviews he seemed like a chill dude. So his manager brought me to a red room and the first thing I saw was his daughter Cassie playing around. I was quite shocked that she was touring with him because many artist do not bring their children on the road. That made me respect him even more because I can tell it keeps him grounded and shows that he is a caring father.

This was probably the best interview I have ever done. I did not think he would be that tall in person. The guy is 6’4 and I’m 4’11. When we met I expected a handshake instead got a hug. He is very funny and humble. After all the success he has had. He is still genuine and hungry for success.

  1. What makes you connect with your fans?

My story is relatable because I know there's someone out there who is going through a tough time. I know whenever they listen to my music they use it as motivation.

 2.  What have you learned from Diddy ?

I don’t even believe he listened to my first album. I don't know it’s just a lot of things got discussed but never happened. Too many broken promises.

3. How did you get the role of Culprit in Beyond The Lights ?

First of all I had to audition 5 times before I was given the role. *laughs* During that time I was on tour. So I had to spend my personal money to travel back and forth. I began to get frustrated, But then one day they called me back and told me I got the part. The crazy thing is Culprit was supposed to be played by a black guy. *takes snap back off and shakes hair* But was given to a skinny white guy from Cleveland.

4. Do you have any new movies coming out ?

Yeah so I will be in two more films. Also I just got casted in a new show on Showtime called “Roadies”. I’ll be playing a guitar tech. It’s about the people who make this music shit work. You know the ones who never get credit for their work aka technicians. I’m really excited about that.

5. What do you look for in a manager ?

The people around me have been here since day one. But if I was looking for a new manager they would have to be selfless. When they wake up in the morning it is important to think of the artist first. Also a manager who's not trying to be the celebrity as well. *Tells a funny story of a manager who tried get the same perks as their client at a nightclub*

6. What is one of your craziest performances?

Once in the beginning of my career. I was set to perform at the windows store. I was stoked to perform, but when I got there it was super dry. Everyone knows when you come to an MGK show it is all about energy. So I was like fuck it. I jumped on top of the stands and you know a couple of laptops did not look brand new anymore. The next day you know how the media goes. I read headlines that say “MGK trashes Windows store”. The week after Best Buy was set to release my début album. They almost backed out of carrying it because they thought I would be bring bad publicity.


After the interview he invited my fellow Grammy U members and I to check out his sound check and put me on the guest for the show. I really love how passionate he is about his fans and music. Even though the show was not sold out the small crowd had so much energy. He gave his all and I can tell that at only 25 years old he is going to have a long career.