Diggy Concert Review

Never underestimate the power of love teenage girls have when it comes to Diggy Simmons. Doors were set to open at 6pm, but fans began to line up at 2pm. The 40 degree weather could not stop them. Diggy came on stage with so much confidence, milly rocking and dabbing. He was not afraid of showcasing his goofy side.


 The first 10 minutes of his set was spent with him performing music by other artist to warm up the crowd. that really helped break the ice in the room for those who were experiencing their first Diggy concert. once it was time to perform his music he took it back to the classics “ 4 Letter Word” and “Copy Paste”. the crowd went crazy and knew the lyrics to every single song he performed. the best part about the entire show was him giving some fans a chance to meet him backstage. 


Miami GoldeComment